How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)

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Let us not forget one of the most important things about the Universal Monsters era: The Creature From The Black Lagoon was created by a woman, Milicent Patrick.

Nearly unheard of at the time, ms Patrick is responsible for creating one of the single most recognizable characters, not only in Universal history but in all of film history. She was an incredible talent and she should be honored as such.

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"Dig it babe, you need a new look."

Traci Lords as Wanda Woodward in Crybaby (1990) appreciation post. What a woman!

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Really into the current claws

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I…have a need.

Holy guacamole. Thats the end all of the perfect Jayne kitchen

literally my dream right now


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Creature from The Black Lagoon Lunchbox

I need this.

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Holy shit

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Marilyn, 1953

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Some concept art, construction and photos celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the Haunted Mansion. The concept art is by Ken Anderson in 1957, the color art by Sam McKim in 1958.  The sign was made during construction of the Mansion based on a comment Walt Disney made upon returning from a London trip that he was seeking out ghosts looking for a new home.

Imagineers Yale Gracey and Bill Justice pose with some of their creations, including a rare shot of Yale Gracey with the Hatbox Ghost.

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